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Ioannes von Kildenbusch

Ioannes von Kildenbush is an alchemist of small repute, hailing from the long and renowned line of Kildenbushes. Having early in life demonstrated an interest in distillation and the summoning of spirits, he was at a young age somewhat forcefully inducted into the family trade of alchemy. Rumour persists that in pursuing his trade he has over the years acquired (and lost) several of the worlds most sought-after alchemical objects, such as The Elixir of Fife, The Stone of the Unwise and The Spear of Dastardry. Von Kildenbush currently resides in the Lower Runoff district of the Overcity, where he dedicates his life to research, the sale of discount wart-removing potions and learned philosophical discourses at the local public house.


After earning his alchemical credentials, von Kildenbush spent his younger years as an assistant teacher at Wittenberg University. For his efforts during this period, he was awarded the Order of the Swine by one of the most influential student organizations. Although much of von Kildenbusch?s early history is unknown, he is believed to have spent several years of adventure hunting magical objects in Asia, Africa and the Isle of Man. Near the end of his traveling years, the then middle-aged alchymist is rumoured to have had a sizzling affair and partnership with lady (later countess) Alcydia von D?nnerwetter, then an infamous necromancer-adventuress. Together, they trawled the eldritch burial grounds of the world and the faery realms for treasure and necromantic relics. (Von Kildenbush trawled for the gold, Lady von D?nnerwetter for the mummies). After the traumatic breakup, von Kildenbush went into isolation. Although irresponsible whisperings at court will have it he had something to do with the recent attentate that destroyed several wings of the Undercity palace, he still seems to be in good standing with the Witch Queen, which probably puts a lie to those unkind rumours. Or at least kills them dead.

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