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Guðrún has been completed; no new updates will appear.


Tamlin Llanfarythich
Founded the gang in 973. Fat. Drunk. Those are his good characteristics. ... more
Swordfighter. Efficient. Smart. Fancies Tamlin. Can hold her ale. ... more
Jake the Gnome
Poacher. Wheeler-dealer. Good with a halberd. Sarcastic. Gnomic. Pines for his homeland. Hates his homeland. ... more
Atra Cambrensis
An elderly, rural witch. Flies on broomsticks, cackles and has only one tooth. Does toads, if need be. Likes soap. It's for dinner. ... more
Kel Mansdottir
A young woman who can't seem to make her mind up whether she wants to be a witch or a musician. Half-elvish. A bit impulsive. ... more
Guðrún, Duchess of Dungill Fens
A powerful witch and a shrewd politician. A cousin of Queen Elspeth of Wicca, she had to be.Arrogant, theatrical and overbearing. Wears pink. ... more
Krakatoa Hekludóttir
Junior witch. Feisty. Bookish. Keen. Wields a mean codfish. ... more
Jodoque Davignon
Former jester. Serious. Musical. Easy-going. ... more
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel.
Ladies' man. Swordsman. Athlete. Aristocrat. Pillock. Twit. ... more
Countess Alcydia von Dönnerwetter
Evil. Cruel. Somehow adorable. Wants to be Witch Queen instead of the Witch Queen. Is not. ... more
Duke Henry
A kindly nobleman, beloved by his people. Not very bright, active or brave; therefore a blessing to the inhabitants of Dungill Fens. ... more

There are two sides to this story! Read the other side at Alcydia.

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