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Guðrún, Duchess of Dungill Fens

Gu?r?n is a powerful witch and a shrewd politician. As a cousin of Queen Elspeth of Wicca, she had to be. In the presence of people she likes, she is arrogant, theatrical and overbearing. When she meets someone she doesn't know yet, she acts friendly and stupid, affecting an enthusiastic, squeaky voice. She is married to the kindly but stupid Duke Henry, which suits her just fine. Gu?r?n's magical ability almost matches that of the Witch Queen, but prefers to accomplish her aims by deceit, manipulation, bullying and threats, because it's more fun.

Gu?r?n first came to the fore during the events of 997, when king Groy was temporarily deposed by one of his generals under the guidance of Archbishop Sickepit. At the instigation of Queen Elspeth, she stayed out of the conflict officially, but backed the attempt by Tamlin's gang to put Groy back on the throne.

It's not clear what Gu?r?n's long-term ambitions are. Since Groy's temporary deposition, she has turned Dungil Fens into a thriving semi-independent State-Within-the-State with the popular Duke as its figurehead and herself as the Duchy's eminence grise. As far as Clwyd-Rhan is concerned, this is as far as she can reasonably expect to go; the Duke is related to King Groy, but in the event of the King dying without issue, the kingdom will be inherited by the Wessex King Ethelredd the Unready to whose ancestor Alfred it was entailed long ago. Ethelredd is expected to crack down on witchcraft within his realm, and as a result, Groy is worth more alive to Gu?r?n than dead. Gu?r?n may have designs on taking over from the Witch Queen, but Elspeth is firmly established, and has been for longer than Gu?r?n has been alive.

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