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Countess Alcydia von Dönnerwetter

Alcydia is a member of the Undercity Royal Family, cousin and rival of Duchess Gu?r?n of Dungill Fens. Being well versed in the blackest of the dark arts and having a penchant for outre costumes, rather bizarre instruments of torture, hideously infernal infernal machines and generally being mad as a hatter, Alcydia has time and again served as Queen Elspeth's hatchet-women on an on-and-off basis. The "off" periods occur every other year when she is banished from the realm on grounds of eruptions of her pathological obsession, to Become Witch Queen Instead of the Witch Queen.

Alcydia lives alone, surrounded only by her trusty and much-tested wolfmen servants. Being a career woman through and through she has never had time or patience for kids and family, but lately she's been thinking seriously about the continuation of the D?nnerwetter family line. If she died childless and the family properties reverted to the Crown or - much worse - were given over her cousin's family she'd never find contentness in the afterlife.

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