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This series is completed


Queen Elspeth
Queen of all witches, whether they recognise her or not. Her manners are zapping off heads ... more
Faerie ultra-nationalist, public spokesman of Sinn Fae and a prominent member of the Thieving Bastards. ... more
Sinn Fae desk clerk and assistant to P'Séaigg. ... more
A Wodeskovian faerie who served his Rite of Serfdom with Kel in Clwyd-Rhan. Currently living in his birth tree with Norla. ... more
A Myrkskovian tree faerie, half-sister to Kel. Norla is a professional musician. She fought in the Contention Wars. ... more
Wodeskovian chieftain and mother of Abúi. ... more
Squirrel-Wrangler in Aleas's clan. ... more
Alcydia von Dönnerwetter
Alcydia is a member of the Undercity Royal Family. She wants to be Witch Queen instead of the Witch Queen. ... more
The queen of Drakesgard, and wife of the Fire Giant, Surt. She decided to leave Asengard after a dispute during the First Ragnarok. ... more
Kel Mánsdottir Davignon
Half-elven witch, fish-slapper and troublemaker. ... more
Atra Cambrensis
An elderly, rural witch. Flies on broomsticks, cackles and has only one tooth. Does toads, if need be. ... more
Jake the Gnome (birth name Khalkuptulgr)
A quiet, dependable fighter, poacher and trader who prefers the halberd over more sophisticated weapons. ... more
A longstanding member of what used to be Tamlin's gang. ... more
Jodoque Davignon
Jodoque Davignon Ex-jester. Serious. Allegedly French. Can do voices really well. ... more
A girl who can travel between universes, with or without the help of revolutionary technology. ... more
Sinn Fae weapons expert. Tattooed. Hot-tempered. Broadening her mind by travel. ... more
Rogye Nightmare
A former Sergeant in the army of Nightmares that invaded Clwyd-Rhan in the Summer of 1002. Now a mercenary and professional drinker. ... more
Krakatoa Heklúdottir
Candidata Arcana from the Wittenberg Academy and junior witch. ... more
A squirrel
Rodent. Likes eating nuts, also peace, love and understanding. ... more
A flying, talking, glowing ferret in a Kim Possible outfit. ... more
Lynette Sheridan
An elven princess who has fled to earth to flee an arranged marriage. ... more
The Queen's personal cabinet, whom she does in fact treat as furniture. ... more
Agni the messenger witch
Messenger. Plucky. Resilient. Can get everywhere. ... more
Ioannes von Kildenbusch
An alchemist of no small disrepute. ... more
Tamlin Llanfarythich
Bandit. Drunkard. Wastrel. Prodical. ... more
Supporting Cast: Doctor Catastrophe

Larger comics images for this series appear on the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan website. Also by the same artist: Feral.

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