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This series is completed
Atra Cambrensis

After completing her apprenticeship, Atra settled in the forest as a rural witch. She was married at least once and had 10 children whose current whereabouts are unknown. It is thought that most of them made it to adulthood, and had offspring of their own. When she joined the gang in 973, some of them were still living with her in her cottage in the woods.

Atra's connection with the real world is tenuous at times. She had a long period where all her recipes, including the gang's dinners, included soap, but lately, she's been focused and hardly ever munches soap at all. After Kel's natural magical talents were revealed, Atra started tutoring the girl, and lately she has made a spirited attempt to teach Krakatoa, who already knows everything. Fortunately, Kra is an independent sort and has chosen to get a cottage of her own.

Atra was recently rejuvenated through exposure to the Fire of Ungdomma, which took about fourty years off her age. She has the experience of an old lady but the energy of a teenager. Beware.

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Larger comics images for this series appear on the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan website. Also by the same artist: Feral.

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