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This series is completed

Colour: DFG 

Timothy Tylor (timtylor) says: She likes big butts and they cannot lie!
reinder dijkhuis (reinder) says: Wow, I'm actually getting comments here. And.. I just checked... decent pageviews for Invasion as well! I'm pretty sure they can lie, but right now, they're having plenty of fun wihthout needing to do THAT.
tjgeezer (tjgeezer) says:

I'm starting over because I missed for awhile and lost track. First impressioin as I got back to the starting page?

 WOW!! This dark, spooky woods is wonderfully drawn. As I drew back a bit to get a, dunno, different perspective on it, I realized one reason it seems so spooky - the way it's drawn suggests a watching face (middle tree trunk being the nose). 

 Am I nuts or ws that effect intentional? 

reinder dijkhuis (reinder) says: It wasn't intentional, but given how it's human nature to see faces everywhere, it's not surprising or strange in any way. Thanks! It's easy to lose track, though I try hard to keep everything linked up and provide context.
Dread Lord CyberSkull (cyberskull) says: *GPT Gnome Teleport?
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Larger comics images for this series appear on the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan website. Also by the same artist: Feral.

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