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This series is completed

Colour Flats by DFG.

Kim B.J (hogan) says: There goes the Skille Operatives, now there are only Cannon Fodder left :P
Kim B.J (hogan) says: Now THATS what I call protecting ones proberty! :P
Kim B.J (hogan) says: ... I'm not quite sure whether that plan is a stroke of genius or madness... or, most likely, both...
reinder dijkhuis (reinder) says: It's something she has tried before...
James Frick (yankeejim) says: But the queen's clothes shrunk with her.
reinder dijkhuis (reinder) says: She hasn't shrunk.
Noodtoonist (thebarepit) says: Awesome page, Reinder!
reinder dijkhuis (reinder) says: Thanks! It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun.
Anton Schleef (razmoudah) says:

About your PC problems....

If your PC has the specs for it you could download and install Ubuntu Linux instead.  It's supposed to come with an equivalent of the Microsoft Office suite, including graphic editing software.

Here's the link:

reinder dijkhuis (reinder) says: Thanks, Anton, but the "Photoshop-under-Wine setup I used earlier" is just that, me running Photoshop on my home machine which runs Ubuntu (Kubuntu flavour). I'm a very happy Ubuntu user, and PS-under-Wine is the reason I could get the last few updates done at all. This is, however, a good deal slower and less comfortable than using PS in a native environment (though it's a great deal faster and more comfortable than doing the same things with GIMP, which I'm very underwhelmed with, especially where performance is concerned), and doesn't address the need I have for a machine at my studio location to hook up to the A3 scanner. That new machine will arrive eventually - a friend will be sending parts to me any day now - but it's taken longer than I thought. But there are also other things in my life (like, a life) that are preventing me from updating like I used to. I'll get back to it, though, I promise.
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