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This series is completed

This page has actually been held up in the pipeline for months. From now on, I'll be posting new Invasion images irregularly, as and when they become available. Whenever I finish a page, I'll post it the next day. No schedule, just drips and drabs.

James Frick (yankeejim) says:


Please, sir, may we have another page?

reinder dijkhuis (reinder) says: As soon as I have some ready!
James Frick (yankeejim) says: Oh, my.  Well, at least, now they'll never go hungry.  They will have to move, of course.
James Frick (yankeejim) says: I WONDER WHO THESE DOG PEOPLE ARE...
James Frick (yankeejim) says: Are they witches?  They're calling each other brother, but they all appear to be female dog people.  Bitch witches? Witch bitches?
Tuur onTour (tuurontour) says:

Probably they call each other "bro" because they have been wolfmen before. Don't forget that Alcydia wanted to create witches to repopulate the city...


James Frick (yankeejim) says: You could be right, Tuur on Tour.
Noodtoonist (thebarepit) says: thats gross and hilarious...!
James Frick (yankeejim) says: So male 'werewolves' were converted into female 'dog-witches'?  Very strange!
reinder dijkhuis (reinder) says: That's how Alcydia's elixirs work: see
Noodtoonist (thebarepit) says: and so it begins...!!!
James Frick (yankeejim) says: The queen smashed her crystal ball.  So Alcydia can't spy on her?
reinder dijkhuis (reinder) says: I wonder if Noodtoonist has an inkling of what's going to happen next...
James Frick (yankeejim) says: Thanks for the new page! Nice graphics. Merry Christmas!
Charles Lee (atomicsnarl) says:

Yay!  Welcome back and on with the action.

Beautiful stuff!

Charles Lee (atomicsnarl) says:

Oooo!  It's Instant Castle in a Ball!  Just break the crystal and get out of the way!

 Saves waiting for a boat...

Noodtoonist (thebarepit) says: fingers crossed they don't explode!
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Larger comics images for this series appear on the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan website. Also by the same artist: Feral.

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