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This series is completed
Doesn't everyone know that frogs generate spontaneously in beer and soup?

Backgrounds by Calvin Bexfield. Colours by DFG.

Stephen Crowley (stephencrowley) says: There's a joke here (about frogs in beer) that's begging to be said... but I don't want to say it just in case I spoilerise the next update! ;)
reinder dijkhuis (reinder) says: I don't know it... or at least I think I don't.
Stephen Crowley (stephencrowley) says: heh - I guess it was more of a lame pun I made up on the spot rather than a joke... "they sure used a lot of hops to make that beer"... boom tish!
reinder dijkhuis (reinder) says: Well, I had been bracing myself for a backstroke joke so I'll probably live through the trauma of enduring that pun.
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