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Weekdays, inbetween real comic series
Costumes and colour schemes for Krakatoa.

In preparation for Feral, I did a number of cast portraits intended at improving the overall look of the characters - the way their faces were drawn, their costumes. Not all of the changes made it through to the final comic pages - most of my experiments with exaggeration didn't work and were abandoned. But many of the portraits themselves turned out rather nicely.

Costume sketches and colour schemes for Krakatoa, based on the costume work of several artists on DeviantArt. In the end, it was no contest: costume on the left, with the red and yellow colour scheme. I'll use the other variants for someone, some time.

As with the previous drawing, I decided not to go with the way I drew her face in these drawings, and looking at it now, I believe this was a lucky escape. I should draw like me, not some other artist's idea of how to exaggerate the human face and figure.

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