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Weekdays, inbetween real comic series
Stöwer and Brockmöller revealed!

Expecting to Fly is a solo comic Daniel made back in 1997 and sent to me that same year. I was then the editor of a comics fanzine, Impuls, and had been working with Geir and Daniel on the Chronicles of the Witch Queen comics. Expecting to Fly was something different! I wasn't initially sure if I liked it - it was one of those stream-of-consciousness things, and had this pale, hatched look to it that I don't find immediately appealing. But eventually I realised that it wasn't that far removed from stuff that I liked a lot, like Moebius' original Airtight Garage comics. Those, too, didn't grip me immediately, but once I got them, I was hooked. The same soon happened with Expecting to Fly. Don't expect any of it to make a whole lot of sense; just sit back and enjoy the trip.

Stöwer and Brockmöller, for reasons best known to Daniel, are in fact Ioannes' Homunculus and the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel! And that's what connects Expecting to Fly to COTWQ and Daniel's other work, in which the Baron turns up in the strangest places.

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