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Weekdays, inbetween real comic series
Square chickens: because they're, you know, easier to stack.

Not exactly the best photo in the bunch... this one wasn't from the presentation that Daniel emailed me, but instead was found in a collection of photographs I already had. It took a lot of work to make this picture presentable and in the end it only worked in black and white. Sorry about that. Nevertheless, this pic is worth showing because it's one of Daniel's weirder ideas. It's another paper pulp sculpture group showing busts of Tapper and Ioannes as they appear on the cover of The Double, surrounded by Carl Barks's cuboid chickens! It doesn't make a lick of sense but Carl Barks is awesome, cube-shaped chickens are extra awesome (and an idea whose time has come. Surely genetic engineering has made it possible to breed them by now?) and Barks's cube-shaped chickens in sculpture form are awesomeness squared. Or cubed. Or sliced and diced. One of the above.

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