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Weekdays, inbetween real comic series
Promotional artwork for The Double, by Daniel.

Before the print publication of The Double, Daniel sent me this colour illustration for it. I don't remember if he intended it as cover art or for something else like a T-shirt design, but I do remember that I knew it wasn't going to be the cover.

One reason was that I didn't have the budget for a colour cover at the time. Had I done the job today I'd have gone for a colour cover; in fact, the print edition came out just as readers of small-press comics were beginning to become more demanding of the production value of the stuff coming out. I missed the boat there and I've never really adjusted to the new reality.

The second was that in my opinion it wasn't cover material. The individual elements of the drawing are quite strong and Daniel's colour is particularly effective, but to work as a cover, it has to cohere a lot better. I think I was right about that one, but the illustration is still interesting enough to show here. The logo would have gone into the sign held by Tapper.

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