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Weekdays, inbetween real comic series
Fast-forwarded version of one of the Family Portraits

Remake of Family Portraitwith the characters aged 30 years. So we've got Kel at age 60, Jodoque at 58 and a grown-up Fay at 34 with one of her own children and another on the way.

I got the idea from CGI artist 'Au Naturel' into this one: 'Corinne, Ann, 30 more years') . Doing this takes a lot of work and also a lot of thought about what kind of life the characters will have lead in the mean time. In Mkg2k7's version, time had been pretty kind to the characters, and so it is with mine.

This image ignores a lot of the canon from Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, especially what we know about Kel's genetic condition that gives her a much prolonged lifespan and slower aging. Here, I've aged her the same way as the others, ignoring that information completely. I have also ignored a less important piece of storyline canon that has Jodoque, Kel and fay back in Clwyd-Rhan by the time Fay is 12 years old. Here, they are still living with the faeries in the Wodeskog, or perhaps they've come back.

For this image, I have imagined that Kel and Jodoque lived for some time as active hunter-gatherers with the faeries - as a result of which they continue to be in very good health. Kel has had a few more babies (not shown for fear of overcrowding the picture) causing her to put on some weight, develop wider hips and sagging breasts. The weight didn't stay on until after both retired from hunter-gathering and moved on to roles as village elders (Kel's staff here is a Grimborgsman's staff). Fay eventually took one of the faeries as a breeding mate, and this re-hybridisation has resulted in her son having elf ears but no wings. The son is her first child - she waited a long time to breed.

A different life - one in which they worked farms and were having a baby a year over a period of 20 years, or one at which both held down modern-era desk jobs - would have aged them very differently. They were lucky to have picked this life.

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