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Weekdays, inbetween real comic series
Aborted version of the first page of Spun off.

Ever since the end of Invasion, I've wanted to do a comic set in the faerie village. I've variously conceptualised it as an adult version of The Smurfs, a straightforward continuation of the life of Kel's family in the Wodeskog, an erotic story, a fantasy parody along the lines of YAFGC and several other concepts I've tossed around in my head. In the past year, I've come very close to launching it as a fantasy story set a generation before the events in Invasion featuring a new cast of faeries and goblins, and a setting that was a little rougher around the edges, a community that was a little more hardened and xenophobic.

This is a first attempt at drawing the first page of the comic. It was abandoned because I ran into the problem of having to fill in tiny boxes, which is exactly what I don't want to do with this comic. I want it to be visual and not too fiddly. The first two panels are actually OK but the third hits the 'too fiddly' point hard.
These panels are only the top half of the page. The ones at the bottom were never finished beyond light pencil work. In total, the page would have had six panels, which is too much for an opening page or anything with scenery on it. In particular, the faerie village needed to be shown off in more detail and with more breathing room.

Come back tomorrow for the real opening page!

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