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Weekdays, inbetween real comic series
Meanwhile in the abandoned village...

I have no idea if anyone is still reading. It's been almost a year since I last posted an episode here. In that year, a lot of good things have happened - I brought my fiancée over from the United States with her two sons in August, and we got married in February. I bought a house for the four of us, and we've settled in pretty well. We are about ready to go into Year 2 of the Residency Permit process soon. Good times, but my comic time has been extremely limited throughout.

One not so good thing that has happened has been the death of both my Macbook hard drive and my main external hard drive over a very short time period. In fact, hard drive deaths have been plaguing me for a few years now, usually arriving in such a way or at such a time that it is impossible to compile a complete back-up (such as the fun time back in late 2009/early 2010 when my Macbook hard drive also died while I was in the US, and when I came home, my linux box died before I could begin comparing the files that I could salvage from one machine with those on the other.

I only mention this because the latest problem came close to killing Spun Off. In fact, I was already beginning to think that the story needed to be shelved and rewritten, but when nearly all the master files of the pages that were already publiched disappeared in the latest series of rolling disk crashes, I gave up. I did, however, scan all the original art that I had for it, because those paper originals were also in poor shape and needed to be preserved. I have now completed one of the pages that were not yet published, and you're reading it now. I still plan to rewrite the story and eventually do it in ink and colour, but given how little time I've had, it may be a while.

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Charles Lee (atomicsnarl) says:

Yes, sir, you still have at least one follower!  Congratulations on your new life, and may your webcomics continue in good stead!  FYI - External 1TB hard drives are cheap now, and well worth having for backups.  Good luck with all that and may you recover your lost works.

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