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Weekdays, inbetween real comic series
Norla model sheet

I did a lot of character artwork in preparation for Invasion, starting with model sheets that other artists taking part in the crossover could use. These weren't professional-level model sheets — I don't think I've ever done any of those, and in this particular case, the artists would be free to reinterpret the characters in their own styles. I just wanted to lay down the important characteristics of each character.

Model sheet for Norla, including her colour scheme and storyline-specific changes to her outfit, or rather, her lack thereof. The idea was that Norla would have spent some time with Ottar and his tribe, and have stopped wearing clothing to fit in better. She'd also have adopted a "wilder" hairstyle and gained some freckles all over her body, similar to her sister Kangra's freckling. She still wears the cross - that's one important identifier. Also, Norla's pregnant in this storyline — it should be just about visible, but not immediately conspicuous.

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