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Weekdays, inbetween real comic series
CameoComic #185

During the Crossover Wars project that Invasion was and is part of, I ended up filling in for the main artist on CameoComic on four occasions (and counting! I'm scheduled to do one more but I haven't got around to it yet). For your convenience, edification and delight, I am reproducing them here. But do go to the Cameocomic if you want to read the episodes in context.

CameoComic #185, introducing my interpretation of Nemi, Fes, Ernst and the other Fes from Fes and Ernst. And Wiley from Too Many Authors, Glemph from Ghastly's Ghastly Comic and Filis from Elf Life. Oh, and Damonk, who has the Alexander Keith logo tattooed on his chest.

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