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Atra Cambrensis
Witch. Cackly. Rejuvenated. Taking advantage. ... more
The Feral
Silent. Enigmatic. Possibly a werewolf. ... more
Shefiff Hogsworth
Crusty. Bearded. Said to have mellowed a bit, but compared to what is anyone's guess. ... more
Aethelbert Hogsworth
Callow. Dad's gonna kill him when he finds out. ... more
Kel Mánsdottir Davignon
Witch. Half-elven. Temperamental. Not big on planning ahead. ... more
Krakatoa Heklúdóttir
Wittenberg Academy Candidata Arcana. Research witch. Trouble. ... more
Owen Llanfarythich
Guard. Likes a drink. Likes the ladies. Hates shouting in the morning. Not in fact delusional. ... more
Jodoque Davignon
Ex-jester. Serious. Allegedly French. Can do voices really well. ... more
Swordfighter. Bandit. Troublemaker. The brains of the outfit, if the outfit is pants. ... more
Quiet. Dependable. Gnomic. Likes jewelry and poultry, especially in combination. ... more
Brother Bartholomew
Monk. Not monkish. ... more

Feral is also serialized as part of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan.

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