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Krakatoa Heklúdóttir

Krakatoa is a Candidata Arcana from the Wittenberg Academy. She has settled in Clwyd-Rhan at the end of the Guðrún storyline, to continue her magical studies. She was educated at Wittenberg, where despite being rather bookish and studious, she got herself in a lot of trouble with two of her friends on a regular basis. She is a very keen witch with an explosive temper and a strong desire to prove herself. Warning: It is probably unwise to take that "Maiden, Mother, Crone" stuff too literally where Kra is concerned.

Kra's mother, a certified seeress, named her daughter after some future event which, she later explained, "will mean unto the world what you mean unto your father and me". Kra thinks it must have something to do with peace for all mankind or cosmic harmony.

Krakatoa's boundless energy, insatiable curiosity and lack of any sense of boundaries whatsoever have made her a very succesful researcher. She has managed to evade being hauled before an ethics committee because those witches making up the ethics committees are intimidated by her. It's only a matter of time, though.

Krakatoa has been succesful in business, inventing and marketing a portable crystal ball that low-skilled witches can activate and people without magical ability can use as a communications device.

(Created by Geir Strøm and Daniel Østvold, Kra is on loan, so to speak. Thanks to Geir for supplying biographical information)

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Feral is also serialized as part of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan.

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