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I regularly post on DeviantArt under the screen name Ren-k (it goes back a long way, between name changes), have a long-neglected account on Eflwood, and another neglected account on VCL (haven’t been drawing much ‘furry’ related art in awhile). I’m also contributing member of North American Fur; I have a record of contributing about every other issue since issue 9 or so. I try to send more regularly, but really, I haven’t been drawing enough truly furry art in some time. In fact, until recently, I hadn’t been drawing much at all in some time. Scheduling issues apparently.

I’m a graphic artist in the Greater Chicago area, a career I enjoy immensely. Also a career which leads me to trouble because I have knowledge of publishing and print processes, so I can design my own publications and color correct/photoshop my own images. LoLz

I love LoLcats and envision a psuedo-serious series of digital painting based on them… someday, maybe. Right now, I’m entirely too entertained by the marshmallows.