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Agnes Quill by Dave Roman, Jason Ho, Jeff Zornow, & Raina Telgemeier

A story about a teenage detective, the haunted city she lives in, the strange cases she solves, and the ghosts who help, hinder, or just plain annoy her.
... Read It Now!
Brigid Sullivan's Review of Agnes Quill
Ghost stories, Things Under The Bed, Detectives, Searching The Unknown... and it's adorable, too.
"Agnes Quill" is consistantly dark and compelling, well written and creepy. Agnes, the title character, moves among a world of ghosts and haunts and demony things. She investigates murders and thefts and other badness at the behest of the dead. She sees things nobody else can see, and is privy to arcane knowledge that nobody else knows. And she's cute. Despite the rampant horror themes, the very well played and chilling scariness, Agnes is up beat and cheerful, full of good humor and quips. And it's well integrated. A horror series with comedic elements that don't detract from the horror? Sign me up. ... read it now!

Christopher Lowrance's Review of Agnes Quill
It's a simple and much-abused premise: A protagonist with the rare ability to see and speak to ghosts. You can probably name a dozen movies, books, and TV shows with that plot. But what if someone with actual imagination did it?

Enter Agnes Quill. Beautifully illustrated and beautifully written, Agnes's title character has made a career out of talking with the dead. Clients of either state of being come to her with their problems: missing bodies, lost heirlooms, zombie ex-girlfriends, etc. If you didn't already learn this from The Frighteners, having invisible buddies that can pass through walls is extremely handy for turning a profit.

Both of the current two stories begin in medias res, or "in the middle" for those of you that aren't total snobs, and the plot pacing is fast and full of action. The scene at the start of the second story, with the zombies in a black-out? It's the first time a comic has actually giving me chills.

Which means Dave Roman and company are really on to something. So stop watching The Travel Channel to get your scares, and start reading Agnes Quill. ... read it now!

Joey Manley's Review of Agnes Quill
Dave Roman, Jason Ho, Jeff Zornow, and Raina Telgemeier are blowing everybody's minds with their new AGNES QUILL series.
If I were a Hollywood shillster, I'd tell you that Agnes Quill is a cross between the TV show Medium and Nancy Drew, with plenty of Neil Gaiman thrown into the mix. But, then, that would probably be too long for a Hollywood pitch just right there. Those guys require 25 words or less, right? Sheesh. And I haven't even gotten around to telling you about the amazing artwork, the clever storylines, or the well-rounded characters! I guess you'll just have to read it for yourself ... ... read it now!

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