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Biozoic By Gerry Swanson

On the prehistoric planet of Biozoic, life is short, quick, and brutal. At a lightning pace, creatures of all shapes and sizes fight to stay alive.
... Read It Now!
Brigid Sullivan's Review of Biozoic
Now entering into AN EXTINCTION EVENT, "Biozoic" is a wordless study of monster-eat-monster brutality and excellent character design.
On a foreign world, truely alien creatures in a well thought out ecosystem prove that nature is definitly red in tooth and claw. These beings are designed with their environment in mind, what they eat and how they hunt and the ways they rear their young. A great deal of thought has gone into their crafting, only to have them perish horribly in new ways every page or two. Life is struggle, all life existing at the expense of other life. In Biozoic, creatures are born, live, and die... often on the same page. If you need a vacation, feel like going on Safari, take a break and read through "Biozoic." It's like Wild Kingdom on a broader scale. The stark yet highly detailed panels are windows into another, slightly terrifying, world. ... read it now!

Nina Cox's Review of Biozoic
I really, really thought this comic was going to suck.
The only reason I started to read it was because everyone was talking about it.

I have never in my life seen anything like Biozoic. The whole thing was a great idea, and it's so well executed that sometimes I wonder if Gerry is a robot or something, programmed to draw awesome comics.

It's just about the only thing I look forward to on Mondays. You better read it, because if you don't your Mondays will continue to suck. ... read it now!

Casey Sorrow's Review of Biozoic
Dinosaurs, Aliens, or Monsters? It doesn't really matter, because the beauty of the work is in the brutality of it all.
Gerry Swanson has managed to create an incredibly bizarre and enthralling world of fantastic and grotesque creatures. Beautifully drawn in black and white, it somehow reminds me of the sketches of the scaled eyeball creatures and the two-headed flaming genital beasts that would permeate the borders of every school notepad that I ever owned. Yet, here they are fleshed out, given life, and apparently all they want to do is eat one another... ... read it now!

Christopher Lowrance's Review of Biozoic
You know that gag from old cartoons, where a big fish eats a little fish, then a bigger fish eats him? Now imagine if a huge, four-eyed flying reptile ate that fish...

And then the bird-creature was subsequently snatched by a massive carnivorous plant. And then the plant was consumed by an army of insects. You get the idea.

Thus goes Biozoic. It may sound redundant, but about twenty pages into the food chain, the comic is still captivating, and I don't doubt it will remain so.

Originality is how Biozoic keeps you hooked. Each creature is an elaborately-detailed nightmare of beaks, talons, and compound eyes. Each page is layed out in strong diagonals. And Gerry Swanson obviously paid attention in Biology, or has at least seen a few Discovery Channel specials, because his beasts continue to slaughter each other in increasing new and innovative ways. While the biggest of the big might rule the day on one page, his end may come from millions of tiny larva hatching in his stomach and burrowing their way out.

So, yeah. Don't eat any seafood before reading.

... read it now!

Spike's Review of Biozoic
Biozoic is probably the most unique series currently running on Webcomics Nation. Completely devoid of text, it's the increasingly gory and imaginative story of an alien food chain, with fantastic monsters meeting their bitter ends on nearly every page.
The creatures of Biozoic are impossibly alien, reminiscent of sci-fi artist Wayne Barlowe and eurocomic icon Moebius in design and execution. Wrinkled, carnivorous heads unfold like blooming flowers to take chunks out of quadrupedal, six-eyed fetuses, while shovel-faced, sucker-fingered pack hunters feast on two-headed apatosauruses. Weird. There's no context, and no explanation. We don't know why we're seeing what we're seeing. Biozoic simply is. And hell, that's enough for me. ... read it now!

Brenna Zedan's Review of Biozoic
It's a pretty straight forward formula: crazy creatures eating other crazy creatures. What's not to like?
No words, no colours, nothing quite like it. Just highly detailed monsters of the imagination rending the flesh of their fellows. A pack of bug-eyed whatsits jump on the back of something taloned and six-eyed, next page the attackers become the meal for a swarm of plant-like bugs. It's sort of satisfying. Each little beastie gets what he gave the week before, in a delightful sort of domino-effect that carries the reader across land, air and sea. The art style is somewhere between morbid and whimsical, rendered in highly detailed line work that easily bears repeat viewings. ... read it now!

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