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Peer Reviews

Clown Samurai by Quinn Fleming

A neo-noir about an out-of-work clown turned samurai assassin.
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Kenneth Ashcraft's Review of Clown Samurai
What a superb blend of sharp dramatic artwork and a very original and entertaining story.

This clown kicks @$$! I absolutley love the artwork and the story.  It reminds me a little of Frank Miller's "Sin City" and a little of old Grendel books.  I am amazed at the over all originality of the concept and the artwork.  Looks like the creator/artist puts a lot of time and thought into this book. I would buy this if I saw it on a shelf at the local comic store.

I will be returning for this book constantly. Absolutely brilliant!

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Kaj Peters's Review of Clown Samurai
Ever since I was a little boy I've been terrified off clowns. Their forced happiness, created by the twisted make-up and the silly clothing, must be a clever disguise to hide something dark and sinister.Who else than a lunatic would dress himself as a clo

CS isn't exactly helping to make me overcome my irrational fear for clowns. Its maincharacter,Maro the clown, is a troubled man that tries to make a living out of killing. It demands a heavy toll on his consience, making him flee to booze to overcome his depressions. The story begins when he gets the job to eliminate a kingpin in the mob world. It's a complete failure, it nearly costs him his life. From than on, Maro has to survive in a very dangerous game between the mob and the police. 

This comic has a very nihilistic and dark feel to it, created by the simple, slightly vague drawings, the usage of dark colours and the monologues of the disturbed maincharacter. I really liked this noir atmosfere.

Quinn Fleming, you've got yourself a new fan. One who probably will have to visit his shrink after reading your work! ;) 











... read it now!

James Hatton & Bill Ellis's Review of Clown Samurai
Bushido, Whoopeecushions, Gangsters, and Hitmen.
Quinn Fleming will go down in history as the man who found two great tastes that taste great together. Utamaro is a clown down on his luck, drinking hard off another laughless party, when he meets with a local mobster. The mobster offers Utamaro a job, and whether things go up or down from there all depends on your perspective, really. With a beautifully simple, heavily shaded, noir style art, solid storytelling, and a sprinkling of quotes from the Hakegure, Clown Samurai is a damn good read. ... read it now!

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