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Peer Reviews

Family Man by Dylan Meconis

A young scholar discovers that he's not out of the woods yet.
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Robert Watkins's Review of Family Man
I hate to call this a comic because it's very different than most illustrated stories. The illustrations are gorgeous and the story keeps me coming back for more.

I hate to call this a comic because it's very different than most illustrated stories. The illustrations are gorgeous and the story keeps me coming back for more.

 The story line has hooked me and I'm curious to see how the story continues.

 Thanks to the author for sharing his time and talents.

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Rachel Ellett's Review of Family Man
I joined Webcomicsnation for two reasons. One was to post my comic. The second was to review this one.

German philosophy, theology, and werewolves. Not exactly the ingredients of a comic I'd normally read (except for the werewolves), but Dylan Meconis is spinning an enthralling yarn, rounded out with believable and interesting characters, realistic flowing dialogue, historical detail, and gorgeous art. The pace is measured but certainly not boring, and I can't wait to tune in each week for the next installment.

 You don't have to have read Meconis' first comic, Bite Me, in order to enjoy this. I sure didn't!

 The werewolves haven't shown up yet, but that doesn't stop this comic from being awesome!

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Joshua Smeaton's Review of Family Man
This is a great read with fantastic art. It's a wonderful example of the diversity that is possible in comics.

Family Man, set in the late 1700's tells the story of Luther Levy. He's a young man caught between his family, religion and philosophy. The story begins with him having recently left or forced out of his job at the local university. He's now living at home and his twin brother (who seems to have everything going for him) has just returned.

You feel bad for Luther as he tries to come to terms with his situation and the impact it has on his family. He contemplates taking a job as a tutor for a set of bratty siblings. But a mildly mysterious person from Luther's past offers him the possibility of a job at a university in another town. 

And so the story unfolds. It's a very slow build but the experience is an enjoyable one. The art is fantastic and the dialog is quite witty without being cloying. Dylan Meconis has done a great job making the potentially boring and polarizing topic of religion and philosophy an intriguing and entertaining story. 

My only distraction was Luther (and his dad and brother's) nose. It's cartoonishly long in an otherwise somewhat realistic art style. Some sort of Cyrano De Bergerac thing going on. Maybe it's relevant and I missed it or has yet to be explained. 

Take some time and spend it with the Family Man. It's a captivating tale well worth checking out. 

  - Joshua Smeaton

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_'s Review of Family Man
There are wolves. And Germans. And the noses, oh heavens, the noses.
You may remember Dylan Meconis (oh, who are we kidding, we definitely recall Dylan), who set the webcomic world aflame with her delicious vampire comic Bite Me. Now she's back with Family Man, a comic with an entirely different mood and setting, though one of its characters may be familiar to readers.

One could stare at each apage from "Family Man" just marveling at every little line and word. But when it's a story like this, well. There's no time to waste. Dylan's choice of color tones evoke a degree of somberness so vivid you can almost hear the hollow howl breaking the silence, but her attention to detail, now that blows you away. And, well, okay, makes you a little nervous at the same time, it's just that good. But that's just on an artistic level. When she tells a story, when she gets going and the words start flowing out of each character's mouth, maaaaaan, has she got you good. ... read it now!

Joey Manley's Review of Family Man
Dylan Meconis of Bite Me fame returns to webcomics.
Dylan Meconis is one of the most interesting webcartoonists working today. Her first longform serial, Bite Me, has won praise from such worthies as Neil Gaiman and Scott McCloud. Back in the day, everybody was following Dylan. As often happens with graphic-novel-style webcomics, though, once she finished the work, and took a break, people moved on. It’s more difficult to carry a vast audience if you’re not doing daily XBOX-related humor. I’m not griping, whining, or complaining — I’m just saying. It’s the way of the world. Nothing you can do about it. But anyway. That’s why fans of Dylan’s, like me, owe it to themselves to spread the word when she starts something new. I'm very excited to see Family Man, her newest work, start serialization on Webcomics Nation! ... read it now!

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