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Peer Reviews

Feral Calf by Casey Sorrow

Feral beings are doing strange things to each other.
... Read It Now!
Joel Rivers's Review of Feral Calf
The thing you learn quick reading Feral Calf is to stop expecting the expected.

We have an allegory-filled tail of Fish-Men (no pun intended), beasts of the field, and mutiny on the high seas all presented as a newspaper strip starring the mostly naked afore-mentioned aquatic creatures.

It’s obvious to me that the Fish-men are really us - or at least drunken frat-boys. They’re brutal way of viewing the world highlights our animal nature, something I agree is there, under the surface all the time. The whole comic has a sort of “Dr. Moreau” vibe; H.G. Wells meets Doonsbury, almost.

There is also a conflict between the more peaceful aspect of our animal natures here, but I don’t have a good feeling about the goat-types in the forest either. The world is red in tooth and claw, just turn on CNN, or don’t and read Casey Sorrow’s salamanderific comics. 

... read it now!

Gerry Swanson's Review of Feral Calf
Feral Calf is a hilarious comic featuring non-sequitor humor, appealing art, and anachronistic references to politics and pop-culture.
It's about a sailing ship full of fish people, who have some bizzare customs. Though it often sticks to a standard comic strip format, there is some sort of story or something going on, but don't ask me where it's going. I have no idea.

The art has a great style and the color pallette gives it a feeling of antiquity.

It also has a wonderful multi-strip story about a goat. I won't spoil anything for you, but I will tell you it's quite delightful. ... read it now!

Spike's Review of Feral Calf
I think I'm lost.

So... uh... there are these... fish? Yeah. Fish. Living on a... I think it's a galleon. Or maybe a pirate ship. And they have a king. He did something to some goats, so he's a king, now. And he shaves their monkeys.


Look, you really have no idea what I'm up against on this one. "Feral Calf" isn't something you can really describe the appeal of in words. "Weird" isn't sufficient. "Wacky" isn't fair. And "funny" is an understatement. You're just going to have to trust me on this one. Click the link. You probably won't laugh out loud, but you'll gape, uncomprehending, at each strip in turn until your eyes film over, and that's probably just as good.

... read it now!

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