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Jesus & The Marys

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Raz Solo's Review of Jesus & The Marys
Jesus & The Marys is a wry look at the son of God in a modern-day Sodom, "the most fabulous city in the world!"

As I'm always telling anyone who'll listen, I love me some Jesus kitsch, so this strip leaped at me from the page.  The humor is sharp, the dialogue snappy, and Aaron Frey manages to fit a surprising amount of detail into his art considering the amount of space he has to work with.

I'd recommend this to anyone who likes their humor kitschy and tongue-in-cheek, and who isn't going to balk at a little blasphemy in their lives... ;)

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Hushicho's Review of Jesus & The Marys
There is an area of comics in general where few dare to go, and even fewer manage to make it entertaining. That is the comics based on religion of some sort; however, Jesus & The Marys accomplishes at what many have failed.

In the world of comics in general, it is very difficult to find a good series that tries to be funny about religion. Some go overboard trying to be shocking and offensive, and they market it as 'daring', snarling defiantly at anyone who might criticise them. Others languish in mediocrity, never really crossing or even approaching any lines of controversy. Either way it is somehow very difficult for most creators to make humour out of religion, whatever it might be.

However, in Jesus & The Marys, that's exactly what's happened. It's funny, it's a refreshing viewpoint, and it's total fantasy yet immediately accessible. It's an outlandish premise that manages to be something the reader buys into because he wants to buy into it. It isn't garish or over-the-top when it could easily be, and instead the art -- reminiscent of classic comics from the 60s and underground comix that still exist today -- remains familiar while keeping its most dynamic qualities.

Although it's really only just peeked out of its crib, there is a great deal of potential for Jesus & The Marys, and it's a title well worth watching, well worth looking into. This has the capacity to make a statement. And that statement is, 'religious humour can be funny'. You have the outrageous setting, the hilarious Lotta, and the straight man -- no pun intended -- Jesus. Some creators couldn't make something like this work, but Frey has done an ideal job with it.

In fact, he's done a faaaabulous job with it.

I can't wait for more!


... read it now!

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