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Living with Toys and Other Stories By Dan

A serious house on serious earth.
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Justin Maudslien's Review of Living with Toys and Other Stories
Living With Toys is a faily new web comic from Dan. If you have a quirky sense of humor and have the ability to read, then I highly suggest you bookmark this site. To quote Tina Turner, it is "Simply the Best."

I have found out the hard way that 99% of the webcomics out there are horrible.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you one of the 1% I not only tolerate, but one I  look forward to reading.  Any comic that has a Carnivorous Rhinoceros has got to be good.  The best feature is the unpredictability of the series.  Living With Toys has everything from ninjas to time traveling and still has room for great character development.  Dan (the author), well done good sir.

 The artwork is better than Rob Liefeld, no seriously, the art is cartoony, but really adds to the overall tone of the work.  The writing is better than Frank Miller after a bender, no really, the writing is what makes this a great comic.  The humor is sometimes subtle, but is always  outstanding.  For example, my favorite character is Krys a chainsmoking girl with the superpower to have a skull and crossbones over her head.  Many times that skull is dressed up during the holidays.  The skull's outfits usually make me laugh as hard as the punchlines.  That being said, few individual comic strips, let alone comic series, have made me laugh out loud.  Once again Dan, well played good sir.

Finally, this webcomic is what made me decide to go into webcomics myself.  I frequently visit his site for inspiration and as an example of how to do a webcomic. If you ever meet Dan he will tell you just because he's Columbian doesn't mean he has a shiv.  Then things get weird after that.  My only complaint would be that sometimes Dan has to use his old sketches to fill in days when he is busy.  These days make me sad, but the anticipation and waiting are always worth it.  Oh yeah, and Dan, thanks for defining irony so well I will always picture Iron Man saying "Bitch please," every time I read a Marvel comic until the end of time.

... read it now!

b k's Review of Living with Toys and Other Stories
This is the best comic on this site...everybody should read it.

This is a new comic that is awesome...I really recommend it...in fact, I think you should go read it now...and then come back and read the rest of this...



So what did you think...awesome...I can't wait to see more from this author.  The whole rhinocerous part is great...especially if you have ever had a rhino tell you what to do thenyou will be able to relate to this comic with no problems...

... read it now!

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