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Nothing Better

Nothing Better is the story of odd-couple college roommates Katt and Jane. Katt is an atheist attending a Lutheran college because it has a good art program, while Jane, the pseudo-Christian, is beginning to question her beliefs for the first time.
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Jezzi Stewart's Review of Nothing Better
In the ads for "American Grafitti" the question was asked, "Where were you in '62?" Well, almost 45 years ago, in September of 1962, I started college, Just like Jane did.
Almost as soon as I started reading "Nothing Better", at the panal where Jane's parents drive off, it seemed as though 45 years just rolled away and it was me standing there watching the car disappear.  I read straight through the first 9 chapters; I couldn't stop.  If the author's portrayal of campus life in 2007 is accurate, not much has changed since 1962, and I was able to completely identify with Jane.  I did not go to a religious school, and that is perhaps why I did not go through the religioius questioning and searching that both Jane and Katt are going through at that time of my life, but oddly enough, I am going through that now in my 60's so I can identify there too.  Congratulations, Ms. Page, you have given me a slice of my youth back and food for current thought as well.  I heartily reccomend "Nothing Better" to my contemporaries who may also have let their memories of college days go dim.         Hugs to you, Tyler Page,                  Jezzi Stewart ... read it now!

Joanna Cullen's Review of Nothing Better
"Nothing Better" is a triumph. Honest, clever and touching, it stands far above most comics focused for college students.

"Nothing Better" is a triumph. Honest, clever and touching, it stands far above most comics focused for college students. What's great about it, is that it is so true to the small-town, Lutheran college experience. I am currently attending St. Olaf (aka St. Urho) and it's so great to see the little nuances and jokes that only Oles would get.

Not only that, but It's fabulously true to experiences I have had in my two years on the campus. The awkwardness of crossing - or not crossing - the friendship barrier with Gene, the desire to want to fit in with the "church group" crowd and everyone else, being "sexiled" and spending a bundle on books. It's so accessible. However, it also struggles with the feelings that college students go through at this time - questioning beliefs, wanting a relationship and breaking free from who you used to be. It is poignant and believable.

Now, let's talk about the art. What's so great is that "Nothing Better" doesn't compromise art for story, or vice versa. It is really just gorgeous. I especially love the drawings of buildings from campus. 

I highly recommend this. It is wonderful on all accounts.

... read it now!

Leonard Kay's Review of Nothing Better
Appreciation for tyler page's work
I enjoyed every chapter. The art is well thought out and well executed; young adult, mischievous, and sexy. The story line has those same qualities, and is thoughtful and thought provoking. I've recommended it to my friends after stumbling on it while reading STC. The Lutheran college setting and soul searching experiences by the two main characters match my own memories of college well. Too, the secondary characters provide a satisfying backdrop for a filled-out college environment. So this isn't the place for analytical criticism, and I'll just offer my thanks to tyler for the art, the fun characters, and the opportunity to remember life at that age. Keep up the storyline--it's fun! I REALLY like it. And who knows--it may make the world a better place. "Boss? Mr. Oshira--he may be old, but he's not dead!" Teahouse of the August Moon ... read it now!

Marvelous Patric's Review of Nothing Better
Tyler Page has nailed that horrible time of life when you have no idea what's going to happen to you because for the first time in your life, you're in charge of yourself... or in layman's terms, "college".
Hot on the heels of Stylish Vittles, Tyler Page has come out with Nothing Better. I read the preview copies of #1 and #2 this summer, and at first glance, one would simply think Tyler is stuck in a rut... another comic about people in college. If you actually read it, one would see that there is almost nothing similar in content between NB and SV. NB focuses on two main characters who are just starting their college careers. Where Stylish Vittles focused on people who basically knew who they were trying to deal with the vague notion of love, Nothing Better gives us people who are clearly questioning their identity and place in the world. Even in a scant fifty some pages available to read, Page has firmly established characters and a world for them to live in. While characters may question who they are as people, at no point do the readers see them as blank pages, or cookie-cutter stereotypes. Even the questions the characters each face are as unique as the characters themselves. Tyler Page has created a wonderful comic that has clean crisp art enjoyable for all. Whether you're a fan of slice of life comics, super heroes, or humor, this series has something for everyone. ... read it now!

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