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Patty Cake By Scott Roberts

Life from the eyes of an outta control seven year old.
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Edward Smith Jr's Review of Patty Cake
I can't believe Scott Roberts has done it to me again.

I got introduced to Patty Cake and Scot Roberts a long time ago. When I was young and the heart and soul of this book escaped me.

Sure, it looked good and yes, its humor was cute and even funny to me. Who doesn't like returning to the simpler times in their life when it was a lot more fun to try and sneak a piece of candy than it was to pay bills?

As I grew older, Patty Cake encouraged me to write and illustrate more with my heart, as well as the joys and freedom associated with illustrating using ink and a brush.

Today, a bunch of years older, a father to two children, Patty Cake not only plucks at my heart strings as an artist and a fan, but it also warms me from the inside as a parent.

I found myself in tears at the end of this story. The Glitter Glue incident has also seen its hey day in my house as well, but with less dramatic results, so I can absolutely relate to Patty's dad when she hands him that card.

Many is the time when I've found myself having to discipline my daughter, only to look down at those big blue eyes full of tears and have to take away a piece of the magic that is her childhood because she was only doing what she's thought would make me happy, or what she'd thought was pretty, but it was wrong.

Like the time she painted her wall with her watercolors set, because the white was too plain and she wanted to paint some butterflies, or the time she drew in the first five pages of my sketchbook that I keep for work and the markers that she'd used bled right through to a bunch of roughs that I'd had worked up for my Art Director to hand in the next day at work.

Too many times, adults forget what it was to be a child and too many times we take away the magic that they see in this world that hurts us as much as we hurt them by taking that magic from them by pulling back the curtains of perception and showing them the proverbial man pulling the levers and knobs.

I see now that Scott Roberts not only reminds us of that, but also brings some of that magic back to life. In the beauty of his writing, in the character of his linework, the magnificence of his page layouts and timing, and the euphoria of his overall subject matter.

I cannot now or ever say great enough things about Scott Roberts' Patty Cake books. Changing publishers has never dulled the look, the message or the feel of her world or of its magic message to us adults. I can only pray that his hand never stops and that Patty Cake lives on forever in every brush stroke on every page that Scott Roberts continues to cross paths with.

... read it now!

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