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REX Written and Illustrated by Danijel Zezelj

Danijel Zezelj�s dark psychodrama finally gets translated into English. A cop is framed by his superiors for stealing and trafficking narcotics. He gets 7 years. While in prison all of his humanity is stripped from him. He escapes and seeks revenge.
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Brennon ThompSon's Review of REX
"REX is a story of loss and betrayal, of corruption and greed; as one man tries to reclaim his shattered soul from the darkness...with revenge!"

I had the pleasure of being able to review REX in the sexy glossy paper print form for one of my day jobs.  I am reprinting that reviw in full here.  Enjoy.

- The Majick Word


REX by Danijel Zezelj is the first offering from Optimum Wound Comics a comics publisher based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. The book itself is 80 pages in length and is printed on the “sexy” glossy paper. The production values for the this graphic novel is top notch. I am impressed by the care that the publisher has taken with this story. Translating it from the original French to bring it for the first time to an English audience. And I for one, am glad they did.

REX is a story of loss and betrayal, of corruption and greed; as one man tries to reclaim his shattered soul from the darkness...with revenge.

Bill Orowski, is a highly decorated cop who gets arrested for drug trafficking. Framed, he is sentenced to seven years in prison. There he is confronted by the criminals that he put away. Now trapped in a hell of rotating tourtures both physical and mental Bill Orowski slowly looses himself – or finds himself - until he explodes with fury.

Danijel Zezelj's narrative bounces from the past to the present, Reviling the title character's transformation from wronged “supercop” Bill Orowaski to vengeful righter of wrongs Rex. The artwork in REX is amazing done in a stark white on black. Zezelj's style here is that of a sculpture, taking a black canvas and removing what is not needed to reveal the masterpiece inside. And with REX there on many masterpieces within its pages. The story will grip you, the art will take your breathe, and the end will make you think.

Optimum Wound Comics will be bringing many more of Danijel Zezelj's works to print in English. And I for one, can not wait.

... read it now!

Kenneth Ashcraft's Review of REX
These guys are laying waste to the competiton with badass art, great stories, superb design and flawless execution!
I have been hanging out at WCN for a while now and Op Wound is still at the top of my read list. I cant single any one of these murderous wackos out for they skills because they are all kick ass at what they do. This latest installment will surely "wow" any reader. You want badass? You want hardcore? You want blood by the gallons and shells by the truckload? Hang out with these guys, I promise you won't be dissapointed! ... read it now!

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