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Rock Garden Comics By Pat Jones

... Read It Now!
Joe Chiappetta's Review of Rock Garden Comics
Pat Jones is a master of the mundane.
Few cartoonist have the ability to consistently portray everyday activies in an entertaining way, and Pat is one of them. That alone is a great skill, but on top of that, the one panel Rock Garden series accomplishes this often with the elderly as main characters... not exactly a hot topic. This is a fresh, humbling and humorous look at where each one of us are headed, sooner or later. My favorite line from the comic is, "The man of my dreams has just slept through our first date." The context is an elderly woman speaking to an elderly man who has nodded off on their date. It might be mundane, but it's also very funny, and aged to perfection. ... read it now!

Sin Camper's Review of Rock Garden Comics
"Rock Garden Comics" is indeed a very professional comic from start to finish and executed expertly and conventionally by an important name to remember. Pat Jones comic could quite possibly be the best ongoing panel since the "Far Side".
"Rock Garden Comics" is Webcomicsnation.com's exclusive, hilarious, bold, well-drafted, hand-drawn, hand-colored, gag-a-day, comic strip by Pat Jones. Her sensibilities run amok as her cast of oddball "Rocking and Rolling" senior citizens host a strip that toasts, not roasts, the golden years, proving that we do indeed return to who we were as children as we approach the end of our journey. To spice up the strip with fun, memorable characters, Pat includes her vast army of ancient Egyptian mummies often partying into the wee hours with zombies, vampires and occasionally, Lucifer himself. Her characters, including her regular cast featuring A spry senior named Rose and her daughter, are often placed in any context, mixing her seniors, her mummies and zombies at the water cooler at work, or sunning in Ancient Egypt. Wherever the day's episode takes us. Take note that this is indeed a very professional comic from start to finish and executed expertly and conventionally by an important name to remember. Pat Jones comic could quite possibly be the best ongoing panel since the "Far Side". Too many newspapers are missing out each day. See her comics here for FREE daily and read her wonderful notes that accompany each episode. Let her know what you think. She loves feedback! ... read it now!

Neil Lisst's Review of Rock Garden Comics
ROCK GARDEN is a slice of life comic by Pat Jones which asks you to get in touch with your inner geezer.
For the very young, it's a look at grandma in a way they may never have seen her. For the young adult, it's a look at the wild side of mom. For those old enough to have adult children, it's a joke on ourselves. Young people tend to think as one gets older, one loses "cool" exponentially. ROCK GARDEN rains on that theory. Pat Jones takes a look at life with humor that transcends age. Whether talking about Mommies or her trademark Mummies, Pat makes those hilarious observations we all recognize in our own lives. As Larry the Cable Guy says "that's funny, I don't care who you are!" She has three recurring themes: (1) the life and interactions of a middle-aged grandma with her daughter, her grandchildren, her insurance bills, and the world around her; (2) the shenanigans of ghostly and ghoulish characters from vampires to mad scientists; and (3) the antics of her fictional mummies, whose hi jinx and insights are tomb-multously funny. Do yourself a favor. Start reading Pat Jones' ROCK GARDEN. It's a guaranteed snicker. ... read it now!

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