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Being the Adventures of Rose and Jane by Tonia Walden

In all good folktales it is best to avoid the darkened woods at night, and Rose and Jane are about to find out why....
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Geoffrey Thorne's Review of Being the Adventures of Rose and Jane
Geoffrey Thorne is a professional fiction writer and illustrator, not a reviewer.

What can I say that isn't obvious from just reading?

This is a fun, well-crafted, beautifully executed tale of humor and horror- a difficult balance handled perfectly. I know abosolutely nothing about this mythos or the two protagonists but, on reading these shorts, i felt I was entering a fully realized universe with both a history and a future. I know these women and I hope I get to see them again. Not a bad find for a random search, huh?

If you're reading this before checking the thing out for yourself, you're wasting time. Get in there. It's dark but it's fun. Honestly I was more invested in the "adult" tale but the split in approach and execution between the two versions is further proof that Ms. Walden deserves to be noticed both as an illustrator and as a writer. Somebody should point Joss Whedon this lady's way so she can take over some of the Buffy chores in the comic book realm.

I'm probably late on this. Tonai Walden is probably already a fan favorite and a household name amongst the hip and informed. if so, add this to the pile of golden kudos. If not, let me be privilaged to be the first. This is, of course, just my two cents. Mileage may vary. But only if you're not paying attention.

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Hushicho's Review of Being the Adventures of Rose and Jane
This series is easily one of the most absorbing I have found in a long time. With perfectly complementary art and writing, it draws one in and simply does not let go.

When I first decided to take a look at Being the Adventures of Rose and Jane, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. What I found was an immensely interesting story, in both art and writing, of a duo with fantastic chemistry, working together in a truly timeless setting.

Although I wasn't familiar with the folktale upon which the first story was based, it is one of those universals that communicates so vividly regardless of familiarity. To boot, the characters placed into it do well in it, unlike many lesser attempts I have seen, which merely make their inserted characters incongruous additions. Rose and Jane fit in perfectly, and the story easily centres around them because the reader wants to see more of them. They are very likable characters.

The art of course is lovely, with muted colours complementing the fantasy-horror setting very well indeed. Everything seems to go very well together, which is a rare gem in these times. From beginning to end, the story takes your hand gently and draws you along, not forcing you nor abandoning you to find your way whether you understand or not; it is always gently there beside you, so you never lose your way.

The chibi extra afterwards was absolutely charming, and I can only hope that this won't be the end of Rose and Jane's adventures together. I look forward, very much, to seeing more from these two. They're absolutely fantastic. 

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