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Pan-Gea: Seven Arrows by James V. West

In the dreamtime realm of Pan-Gea, Fawn Rainchild battles an ancient demon resurrecting the dead. Bones, battles, and ancient world babes!
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AP. Furtado's Review of Pan-Gea: Seven Arrows
When I first saw James V. West's work, I knew right away I had found a fellow student of the underground; a fellow disciple of Da' Bode. That's Vaughn Bode for those not in the know.
Much like my own work, it's not difficult to see that Mr. West draws inspiration from the rawness of the underground comix movement from the late 60's and early 70's. Once you start diving in to his stories you can tell that he digested a few issues of Heavy Metal Magazine as well. For the same reasons I thoroughly enjoy Chuck Whelon's work; the raw elegance of James V. West's Pangea comics takes me to another world and another time; both and story and inspiration. It's tough to find work like this not only in webcomics but in print as well. I've never been a fan of the "slicker the better" look of most modern comics as much as I'm a fan of plastic boobs. To clarify…I like `em moving. If there's one thing that I can draw from James's work, as well as from the work that seems to be his inspiration, it's the sure joy and freedom that flows through every page. Raw elegance…I wonder if I just coined a phrase? ... read it now!

Chuck Whelon's Review of Pan-Gea: Seven Arrows
Fantasy fans are amazingly fortunate to get to preview James West's debut graphic novel right here on WCN, which is being serialized as he creates it. James' work is so good he already has a print publisher lined up.
The fantasy world of Pan-Gea is depicted in deciptively simple line-work that is both lush and sensuous, colored with bright water-color washes. It would be hard not to draw the obvious comparison to Vaugn Bode when looking at James' work, but personally I prefer it. It is more grounded in reality and shows a wider range of tone and mood. The writing is tight and sparse, James is not afraid to let the pictures do all the talking, frequently using long worless sequences. For fans of old-school freaky fantasy and trippy cartton art, this is about as good as it gets folks! ... read it now!

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