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Skin Deep By Kory Bing

A modern fantasy about mythical creatures living hidden from humanity.
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Bob Stein's Review of Skin Deep
This ongoing graphic novel presents a unique blend of familiar myth and modern settings as the stage for very 'real' characters that you can identify with. Wonderful art and great stories.

This ongoing graphic novel presents a unique blend of familiar myth and modern settings as the stage for very 'real' characters that you can identify with. 

I stumbled onto Skin Deep several months ago, and once I read a few pages I was hooked.  It took a while to go through all of her back panels, but it was well worth the time.  What is funny is that I don't even like one of her main characters - but it's because she comes across as a real person to me who would be annoying in real life.  (You have to figure out who I am talking about on your own.)

Kory manages to make each of her characters a complete person - they have histories, personalities, quirks, and both good and bad points.  Her art style is clean and colorful, and very distinctive.  I highly recommend her sketch book - lots of neat drawings for cheap.

In any case, if you aren't reading Skin Deep regularly, you are missing out on some great storytelling.

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Tim Stump's Review of Skin Deep
One of the first webcomics I ever saw and I still check it out every day. The art and story combine to make a fluffy literary cheescake of awesome.

Skin Deep was the second webcomic I looked at on WCN and it totaly got me into the medium. The artwork is awesome with a capital AWE! It can be cute at times and then totaly serious. The characters are fun and ferequently hilarious. And the story is intriguing as hells. Its been a year and I still check every day to see what will happen next. better than a movie! (especially today's movies.)

All in all it rates a "OMG that is so cool!" with me. may it go on for years to come.

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Rose Raimundo's Review of Skin Deep
Interesting story with a developing plot
Ultimately, this is one of the best comics I've found on Webcomics Nation so far! I know the comic hasn't gotten that far along in the story yet, but it's so interesting and unique! I mean, I've read other stories about fantasy creatures living in a hidden world (Cronicles of Narnia, anyone?), but when is the last time you're seen a main character wake up transformed into a sphinx?
The style of the artwork is a little sketchy but it looks fantastic in color. And I love how I saw the Indian Spiderman on one of the random sketch days when there was no comic. 
Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see what happens next!

... read it now!

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