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Supernatural Law by Batton Lash

Beware the creatures of the night--they have lawyers! Attorneys Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd have a unique law practice: they defend vampires, werewolves, and things that go bump in the night, with the aid of their intrepid secretary, Mavis!
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Carolyn Watson-Dubisch's Review of Supernatural Law
A jilted wife returns from the dead to seek revenge on her murderous husband... and fails. What's an undead woman to do? File a civil suit of course!

Baton Lash's Supernatural Law is a genuinely hilarious concept.  The comic tells the tale of the law firm of Wolff & Byrd, who chariably represents those from the lowest levels of society, the werewolves, the zombies and of course the vampires.

The stories are well written and wonderfully drawn.  Baton Lash has a great sense of story, and this is most definately a comic worth your time.  

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Imagikraft's Review of Supernatural Law
"Beware the creatures of the night-- they have LAWYERS!" Damn, what a great line that is. What a great concept!

I know I’m not the first to be taken with the synergy of words and pictures that can make comics so uniquely engaging. The words may be masterful and the pictures finely crafted, but when you get them together, watch out, magic may occur. Such is the case with Batton Lash’s tales of Supernatural Law.
The varied personalities that inhabit this series are portrayed with warmth and humanity and you find yourself feeling for the characters. The humor is gentle, subtle, dry and intelligent. And consistently funny. As Neil Gaiman  (Yeah, THE Neil Gaiman!) Said in his introduction to Batton Lash’s trade paperback collection, SONOVAWITCH! And other tales of Supernatural Law, “...they are the finest funny supernatural fictions ever created, and...one of the best legal soap operas out there.”  
I’m going to agree with Mr. Gaiman and recommend that you read Supernatural Law if you haven’t already. Once you get hooked you can go to your local comic shop and find several collected editions of strips that have never been online.
I say: Good Stuff! Do check it out.

G.L. Nelson

Imagikraft Diversified Extra-dimensional Amusements


... read it now!

Ryan McGrail's Review of Supernatural Law
How original!
A law firm that represents the undead? Cool! I highly recommend this series. It is creative, original, and well done. If only the classic boogeymen of horror had these guys to represent them! A good cast and creative writing. ... read it now!

Joey Manley's Review of Supernatural Law
Batton Lash brings his acclaimed indie comic book series to the web, with brand new stories in living color! Or, um, sometimes undead color.
Supernatural Law creator Batton Lash has long been a fixture in the indie comics scene, well-known for advocating the idea of a "new mainstream" -- that is, comics in non-superhero genres that, in any other medium, would be considered mainstream entertainment.

The Supernatural Law webcomic is just one more way to reach out to a new audience, for this cartoonist whose whole career seems to have been built around the idea of reaching out to new audiences for comics.

These aren't reprints of his acclaimed trade paperbacks, by the way: it's all-new, all-original material designed specifically with the web in mind.

What's more, it's just gorgeous. There's something about Lash's inking style and storytelling rhythm that reminds me of vintage Archive Comics, back when they were good, particularly the adventure stories they did with the characters in the late sixties and early seventies. Since those comics were my own original doorway into the wonderful mansion of comics, I'm particularly vulnerable to that sort of thing.

But maybe you will be, too. ... read it now!

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