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Wahoo Morris Story & Art by Craig A. Taillefer

Wahoo Morris is the story of a group of musical misfits banding together to take a shot at the fame and glory lottery. Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n Roll... and a little bit of magic make up this engaging character driven series.
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Sterling Morris's Review of Wahoo Morris
I saw an ad for this comic somewhere on WCN, and thought, "Hey, that comic has my last name in the title. I'll check it out." An hour later I had read through the whole series, wondering when the next post was.
Congrats to Craig Taillefer on this solid comic strip. I've always had trouble sticking to any kind of script, being plagued with ADHD and all, so I'm always impressed when an artist can write his own story as well. The artistic work reminded me of a serious graphic novel, yet the quirky humor reminded me that this was no film noir. The characters are easily relatable and lovable, and seem to react to one another as real human beings instead of static andriods. I'd recommend this comic to anyone looking for some good rock n' roll fun and madness. I'm interested in seeing what happens with Alicia as the story develops, but you'd have to check it out to know what I mean! ... read it now!

Gary Chaloner's Review of Wahoo Morris
'Wahoo Morris' isn't the name of some gun-totin', fist-flingin' action hero. No. It's the name of a four-piece rock band trying to make a go of it. Part "Love and Rockets", part "Strangers in Paradise", this comic is totally addictive.
The first thing you notice is the seductive and accomplished art of Taillefer. His beautiful rendering sucks you into the world of the fledgling band and it's members, friends, flatmates and groupies. Next, he sets up a slice-of-life read at first... cleverly introducing us to the broad canvas of characters that make up the series. He quickly introduces a love subplot, a cast of wonderful secondary characters (including animals that are stunningly realised on the page) and a creeping forboding of something not quite natural in the world of one of the band members. Taillefer writes about what he obviously knows: music, bands, youth culture, young love... and comic books! The 'main' character, besides playing in the band, works as a freelance inker for some bloody god-awful superhero comics publisher! Ha! Art reflecting life reflecting... rock'n'roll! Highly recommended. ... read it now!

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