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The Non-Adventures of Wonderella by Justin Pierce

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella: Because even superheroes gotta buy bread and go to the DMV and stuff
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Bryan Vinson's Review of The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
Wonderella goes beyond just making fun of super heroes. Through all of her partying and non adventures, she's always funny, and sometimes insightful,even if she's completely wrong.

I thought I would drop a review on Wonderella, though the strip really doesn’t need it.

It’s easy to parody comic book superheroes.  They fight crime in spandex.  It’s easy to be offensive.  Anyone can draw a strip that insults a touchy subject.  What’s not easy is to be genuinely funny, and sometimes insightful at the same time.  In a way that kind of reminds me of the Simpsons, Wonderella accomplishes this.  Our main “hero” also reminds me a bit of what we see  today in our celebrity culture.  Wonderella herself is a celebrity within the strip due to her… superhero-ness.  She’s self centered, parties more then she actually works, and states her opinion in a painfully truthful and tactless way even if she has no idea what she is talking about.

Wonderellas world has really gelled over the strips.  Her arch villains, who are just as colorful, are either her best friends, or she’s feuding with them.  Her sidekick is basically there to party with or to get captured so she can NOT be bothered with rescuing her, and giant monsters attack the city in the background while Wonderella ignores them in favor of whatever has caught her attention at the time.  She never goes against her personality.

This comic isn’t about superheroes.  It’s about a character that happens to be a superhero that believes the world revolves around her.  I think we’ve all known somebody like Wonderella.  And I believe that this comic may be ready for the next step, whatever that is.  Good job, Justin Pierce.

... read it now!

Al Schroeder's Review of The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
If Mel Brooks did super-heroes...
If you are looking for refined, elitist humor, look elsewhere. Justin Pierce takes every cheap laugh he can, making merciless fun of superhero conventions in general, and a certain star-spangled amazon in particular. This isn't SEINFELD or the later Woody Allen---this is Mel Brooks doing superheroes. Or Looney Tunes doing superheroes. Thank goodness. Don't try to analyze it, don't try to look for hidden meanings---just laugh. There's plenty to laugh at. ... read it now!

Christine Kohler's Review of The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
For anyone who ever read a DC comic, here is your guilty pleasure.
The Non-Adventures of Wonderella has the awesome ability to make me laugh...and laugh again when I've read the same page...and go find my sister/mother/boyfriend so I can show them the page that they simply cannot go on living without seeing. Justin Pierce makes every shred of dialogue as cut and colorful as his art. In the world of Wonderella; you must explain to your sidekick that eggplant is not an egg, and that "there must have been something else in that quiche"; saving the day can wait until after the barhop; travel is done by invisiblimp; and you can banter with your arch nemesis at the local grocery store. As a matter of fact, I recommend that episode: Believe it or Nazi. You can not go on living without seeing this. ... read it now!

Brendan Jones's Review of The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
Hay-soos do I now loves me the Wonderella!
Justin Pierce has read a few superhero comics. Maybe he liked them or loved them even, but one thing's for sure, he never took them too seriously. Dana Price is the heroine you'd least want saving the day, but she'd be great to hang with. Especially if she were drunk. I bet you'd totally get some. I mean, I know she's a superperson - and fictional - I'm just sayin'. So if it's saving our planet from Ginormous or rocking the cocks off a hellalot of bears, I say Wonderella's the bestest, most wonderfullest woman of superness you could hope for! p.s.: If they ever make Wonderella into a movie, just make sure they get, like, Jennifer Love Hewitt to play her. p.p.s.: And if they do that, just make sure I get some of that Hollywood money for my suggestion. ... read it now!

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