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the Adventures of Wyatt Earp in 2999 By Josh Lynch and Justin Zyduck

Wyatt Earp is a knight of the Old West, a man with his own strict code of honor and a clearly defined sense of right and wrong. Now living in a future he understands but will never truly belong to, he travels the universe in his flying saucer—the Paradox
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Daniel Graves's Review of the Adventures of Wyatt Earp in 2999
The Adventures of Wyatt Earp in 2999 is an engaging series that pokes fun at two genres, SF & the Western.

While it's always fun to see a comic playing with such time honoured and cliche-riddled genres like the Western & SF, it is fun to see it done so well.  The concept of the displaced western hero is not new (c.f. Hex), but the creators heap absurdity upon absurdity in such a way that the old cliches become innovative tools to advance the personality of the characters.  Having only read the two issues, I find myself thoroughly invested in the characters of Wyatt and Doc, and find myself checking back to see if a new adventure is posted.  To write and illustrate a character that we can simultaneoulsy laugh at AND care about is a rare accomplishment.  The creators are to be commended for such an accomplishment, especially after two issues!

With respect to desgin, I enjoyed the horizontal layout that fits nicely on the computer screen.  It seems to me that for those of us used to the printed page and print comic book format, it is challenging to adjust as a reader to this format.  It must involve some considerable rethinking about story-telling  for the writer and illustrator when desigining the story.  These creators do this boldly.  I look forward to how they continue to develop their storytelling technique.

Thanks for a great read. 

Dan Graves

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Mark Hurst's Review of the Adventures of Wyatt Earp in 2999
A Western/Sci-fi comic with Wyatte and Doc against Dinothingys and man eating pies!
I enjoy a good western as well as a good sci-fi story. So when something comes along and mixes the two together in a funny and entertaining way, I'm all for it. Seeing this take on Wyatte Earp and Doc Holiday off in the future is the tip of the iceberg. Seeing Doc as a disembodied head whos only mode of transportation is his good body Wyatte is great. But what's better is seeing this head get attatched to a giant robotic spaceship of a body. Taking such two iconic people and createing a bizar world where the two can have such strange adventures while exploring this universe make me want more at the end of each story. I mean, come on... Man Eating Pie Contest? That's great, who could image Wyatte Earp in a life or death struggle with a PIE. If you like great writing and great art, with a look from a pulp magazine, look no further. ... read it now!

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