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Year One By M.Parkinson

Year One is the smash hit Parody strip featuring..wait for it..Marvel characters as kids! YES! Finally! Now you can thrill to a 6 year old Wolverine! A 6 year old Spider-man and a Hulk with a weak bladder! 350 strips old and still kicking!
... Read It Now!
Jonathan Miller's Review of Year One
Yes, every morning when I switch my computer on, I now look at Snuffly Monkey comics to see if there's a new strip. I never used to do that before.
Why? Excellent twists on familiar characters, great artwork and expression in the lil heroes, and well written gags, mixing satire on the current (rather dark) Marvel Universe stories with, well, dumb fun. Quite simply, I don't there's anyone that reads comics that wouldn't like Year One...and plenty of people who don't read comics that would like Year One anyway. Plus, Mike's a great guy too! ... read it now!

Kenneth Ashcraft's Review of Year One
It's about time someone took some Marvel characters out of the darkness and let 'em have a little fun!!
You know, anyone who knows me will tell you that I am all about comedy and wit and just plain old-fashioned fun and hilarity. This comic hits the nail on the head. When I was a kid first reading comics there were serious stories and there were also stories just for fun. Heroes playing tricks on each other or having a barbecue or just goofin' off. Why the hell is everything so damn dark and depressing these days!!! I love this comic for its simplicity and its humor, bravely featuring easily recognizable characters. Thanks for the laughs!! ... read it now!

Kevin Cushing's Review of Year One
Year One is the funniest webcomic a comic book fan will ever read. Period.
I discovered Year One only about half a year ago, but going through the archives kept me in stitches until about 5 in the morning. This is one of those special strips that has hilarious dialogue, but just as much humor comes from the superb art, if not more. I believe non-comic fans can enjoy it as well for the simple quality, but for any fan of comics, it doesn't get any better than this. Quite simply, this is the best a parody ever gets, and the quality is just as good 400+ strips in as it was when it started. It actualy improves all the time. So what I'm saying, this is the highlight of my everyday, and it could be yours, too. ... read it now!

Neil Adams's Review of Year One
Checking in with the lil Marvel heroes and villains at Year One is a daily pleasure. :)
Reading Year One should be a daily habit for all Marvel fans. The interaction between the kid versions your favorite heroes and villains is hilarious. Whether the uber-talented Mr. Parkinson is spoofing Marvel's long, rich history or making a statement on the latest epic storyline on the stands now, Year One has something for everybody. I never miss a strip. ... read it now!

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