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Zero Hunters By Jay Carvajal, Marc Borstel, Federico & Karina Lopizzo and Carlos Razetto

Codeword ZERO; a non-human entity. Codeword HUNTERS; self explanatory. When a Zero gets hostile, William Garrick and his special crimes unit, the Zero Hunters, are called in to hunt down the things that go bump in the night. MATURE
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C. Baize's Review of Zero Hunters
Please don't tell us this is the end.

The two best drawn webcomics on the net today are Zero Hunters and Last Warring Angel.

They also have the most engaging storylines.

I would be genuinely saddened to see either of these titles end for good.  Especially with Mitch now stepping up to the plate to take his duties quite seriously. There are so many ready-made story arcs for a comic such as this, that ending it would be disheartening.


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AP. Furtado's Review of Zero Hunters
I can honestly say, without shame, that I'm not a huge fan of the action genre. It's not that I don't enjoy a thrill ride now and again; I actually love it, but it's tough to find something that hasn't been done a thousand times already.
This isn't just something that's only true for the action genre; it's factual for any genre. Occasionally someone will come along and find a way to manipulate and present the familiar, and make it seem new and interesting. One such person is Jay Carvajal. It's no secret once you read the first page of Zero Hunters, or any of Jay's numerous projects that he has a great love for the worlds of action/adventure and notably, the horror genre. Jay manages to meld these into something quite familiar yet, adeptly reels you into his stories with some outstanding writing and dialog which makes you forget all the familiarities. I had the pleasure of reading one of Jay's scripts, sans eye-candy and it was, in one word, riveting. Jay's talent for describing visuals without inundating you with monotonous descriptions is top notch and it's no secret to me now why so many artists want to work with him. Throw in some outstanding art by folks like Marc Borstel, Federico & Karina Lopizzo, Carlos Razetto, and those who have yet to make themselves known, and you have some fantastic comics on both the web and in print. This probably wasn't just about Zero Hunters but more about the talent behind the curtain at Cinema Comics. Jay Carvajal and Cinemacomics are going to be making some waves. ... read it now!

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