In which Our Hero grazes in the grass.
Last Saturday was 24 Hour Comics Day. The premise is a simple one: create 24 comics pages in 24 hours. It's a daunting challenge to even the best of comics artists, but at the same time there's a bit of a thrill. It requires you to push yourself creatively in a way most artists never do. When I tried it several years ago, I came up five pages short. Looking back, I can see I took the wrong approach. I treated it too much like a regular comics job and didn't compensate for the limited time. I wrote and drew a two-person romantic drama, so it was full of dialogue. I didn't balance it with enough action, and that's why I fell behind. (I remember doing more and more splash pages towards the end in an effort to catch up!)
I've thought about reworking this proto-story into a proper comic, but I doubt I'll do it. While I'm sure I could make a decent comic out of it, the premise and characters don't interest me enough.
Max didn't finish the one he began on Saturday (though he says he wants to rework it at some point), but I suspect he was a little disappointed at the turnout for the event. It was held at the Laughing Ogre, and he was only one of two people who went through it from start to finish (or close to it, anyway). About two or three other people either left early or arrived late. Plus, the Ogre didn't promote it as much as he had hoped they would. From what he tells me, the Ogre's previous ownership used to make a much bigger deal out of the event. While the new owners were obviously down with continuing it, Max says they were a bit more tentative about it. Hopefully they won't let the small turnout keep them from doing it next year.
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Luke Mizuhashi (lukem) says: Amen to that.
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