In which Our Hero does his civic duty - and lives to tell about it.
Here's the article that inspired this strip. (Thanks again, Beverly!) It's not the only program that's getting cut back, either, although if it means revitalization of neighborhoods (including Franklinton, my own) that could use it most, then I think (I hope) it's a fair trade. Earlier this summer the mayor trumpeted a long-term plan for sprucing up Columbus in general in time for the city's 200th anniversary in 2012, and some of those initiatives are part of a bond package that's on the ballot for Election Day.
I freely admit that part of me felt a bit odd about voting on matters like these. I'm still very much a newcomer here; I still don't feel truly part of this city yet and I imagine it'll be quite awhile before I do. I look around me at buildings and neighborhoods that still feel alien even after five months (I cannot BELIEVE it's been that long) and suddenly I'm expected to vote on proposals that'll affect Columbus' future like a native. I've tried to educate myself on these things, but I still feel like I haven't earned the right to take part in something so vital to the city's future. Regardless, I do understand that Columbus is regarded by many as a city with a bright future, and I'd like to be part of that future if at all possible.
BTW - for all you non-Columbusites who are wondering who Jack Hanna is, here's his website.
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