In which Our Hero heads downtown only to find... not a lot.
Recent news: now that the proposal for building a casino in a neighboring county got shot down at the polls, the people responsible for the proposal are eyeing City Center as a possible location.
I wish I had gotten to at least take a look inside City Center. Back home we have the Manhattan Mall, which has been in the heart of Herald Square for years. I couldn't imagine seeing it go out of business, but if it did, I have no doubt that something would fill the void fairly quick.
I find the indecision over what to do with City Center troubling because it's unbecoming for a city trying to emerge as a cosmopolitan, 21st-century midwest hub to have such a blank slate at its heart. Mayor Coleman has referred to the downtown as Columbus' front yard. If that's the case, it should be welcoming and attractive and should make people want to explore the rest of the grounds as well. I hope this gets resolved soon, because it could go a long way towards re-shaping Columbus' fundamental identity for the future.
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