In which Our Hero ponders the digital age over tea.
That's twice in three months I've been in the local paper. How does one guy get so lucky?
All artists, to one degree or another, feel the need to be "validated" by their public, and something like this, well, there's no precedent for it in my life. The only thing that comes close might be the first time one of my comics was critiqued by an actual reviewer. It was a rave, but that didn't flip me out so much as the fact that she actually bothered to look at my book - me, a nobody. This was way back when I first started self-publishing, and I've never forgotten that feeling.
My only regret is that there wasn't room for more of the things I talked about in the interview. I had talked a great deal about the medium in general, and how comics can tell any kind of story one wants if one has the capacity for it. I even like my photo - and I'm normally the type that hates having my picture taken. (That's the Laughing Ogre behind me, BTW.) Hopefully something will come of this.
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