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Jeffery Mazurek (19cartwheels) says:

As a former resident of Columbus (circumstances brought my wife and I to Louisville, KY, another river-burg), it was a (giddy?) joy to see the review of this comic on this site, and then peruse it's progress.

It is good to see the town through another artist's eye--not to mention another who arrived there from a different place. My wife and I are originally from Michigan, so we had an especially acute perception for Columbus's enthusiasm for college football (though we never particularly rooted for Michigan State or U of M to begin with).

On the art: your layouts are wonderful, and I very much enjoy the choice of cows / bulls to stand for a variety of Columbus residents. Hopefully not a malicious joy.

On your perception: being from a much smaller town, Columbus initially struck me as a wondrous metropolis. No place is that, of course, but I'll maintain that while their filmmaking scene is lacking, their venues of exhibition (Wexner, some of the smaller Drexel theaters) are (and are considered) worldclass outside of Chicago or either coast. You won't get every movie so soon as the coasts, but you'll get some very interesting ones that don't get screened very often by anyone.

I'm happy, though, that you threw a kudos to the libraries there. Since moving to Louisville (a town of comparable population to Columbus but with woefully undersupported libraries), I miss the wonderful collections there very much.

I plan on keeping up with this comic. I draw "Neuroticomics" here, but it's not a whole lot to look at.


-Jeff M.

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