Legend: Perceptions

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Dramaj Estoren

Gender: Male
Hair: White
Eyes: Crimson
Race: Half Drow/Half Nytreeian Elf
Age: 26
Personality: Shy, introverted.

Bio: Born on the tails of the Elven-Drow war, Dramaj is the child of a Drow and an Elf hailing from the country of Nytreeia. Both his parents were killed in a Nytreeian raid shortly after his birth, so he knows nothing of what actually happened during the war, and no one will talk to him long enough to tell him. As a result, he has no idea why people hate him, only that they do.

His sword, given to him by his Drow father, is a twisted and pitch black to convey that the people of their world blame the tool rather than the user.

"Please stop comparing me to them. I'm only half Drow." Back to the Cast Page
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