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Song Xiping

Name: SONG Xiping
Age: 26
Height: 5'1"
Species: Human
Birthdate: January 31st, 1469 ND
Birthplace: Xiang City, Beiguo Protectorate, Northern Co-Prosperity Commonwealth.

Song Xiping, like the rest of her generation, was born long after the Kyokan occupation of Beiguo began. She played in the streets of Kyokan-built cities, was educated in Kyokan-run schools, and lived under Kyokan colonial law.

This had two results which were common among many people her age- she was innundated with the high-minded ideals of freedom, equality, feminism, democracy, caplitalism, and so forth proslyetized by Kyokana, and was able to clearly see that Kyokan military rule over Beiguo, propped up by enormous Kyokan industrial cartels such as Mitsuhari Railways and Mastuura Steel, failed to actually reflect these ideals in any way.

In her work as a homicide detective, Xiping feels that she can at least in one way help her countrymen and women win the justice they lack in so many other aspects of their lives. She has quite understandably become quite cynical about the Kyokan officials who run the police. Back to the Cast Page
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