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I’ve always liked Gary Larson’s FAR SIDE, so I started drawing funny stuff, trying to be like Larson. Then I got into R. Crumb and I started drawing funny stuff that was weird and wordy...keeping the Larson influence, but thinking outside the one cell box.


That’s how I came up with my Comic Strip THE ROBERSON REVIEW, which is just me talking about Cult Films. And that lead to me just doing whatever I wanted...


It was guys like Crumb and a guy named Roman Dirge that helped me see that comics don’t have to be about heroes and wacky animals; they could be about a horny cat or a little dead girl. (Dirge also showed me that goth kids dig comics...and that’s right up my alley of weirdness.)


For me it always comes back to being funny, I love comedy, and being able to make people laugh is like having a super power. (Also, the jokes help mask my lack of artistic ability.)